June 24, 2024

I love reading and writing lesbian fiction.

Camp NaNoWriMo

I just changed the music I’m listening to on my website to a link to a YouTube vidoe by Into The Woods 🌲 – A Mysterious Folk/Pop Playlist. It goes so well with the new story I’m working on. It’s actually not a completely new story. I came up with the idea for a Christmas story a few years ago but never fleshed it out. Now I’m over 15,000 words into what I think is going to be a sweet romance with a little family drama added in.

I am a country girl through and through. I’ve lived in cities and tried to fit in, but that’s not who I am. Even now, I live in a small city that is growing to fast. My partner, Rosa and I are working hard to keep out little peace of land as country as possible. It’s not easy when we back up to an busy highway, but we won’t have any neighbors moving in from that side.

We’ve been very blessed with the neighbors we have all around us. We were one of the first people to move into our subdivision 23 years ago. And at that time, this land was still considered to be part of the county, but the city has grown out to us and is trying to grow past us. It sucks, but we own our little space and we have a nice fence. 🙂

The new book I’m working on takes place it the deep woods of central Kentucky. It’s a place that is still very country. Property in Kentucky was granted to soldiers who fought in the Revolutionary War as pay from the young government. It’s hard to know how much of that land still belongs to descendants of the original soldiers, but I would like to think that there is still a fair amount owned by those families.

In this story, the land at the center of the story has been widdled down, but there is still a small farm that belongs to a descendant of the original soldier who received the land grant. The land is not worth as much as some of the land around it by today’s standards, but the current owner wants to keep it in the family for as long as she can.