Love Has No Boundaries

Seventeen-year-old Natalie Weatherby didn't give the virus in China much thought until the it began to spread worldwide. Kentucky's cases begin to rise. Nursing homes closed to visitors and schools became virtual. Like many people, Natalie assumed that things would go back to normal quickly, but things continue to spiral out of control. George Floyd is killed and a new set of problems begin. New truths are revealed. Are Natalie and her family strong enough to get through this together?

By popular request, Jamie and P. J.'s story continues here. Starting from where Suddenly left off, Jamie and P. J. start college together.


About M. E.

Originally from west-central Indiana, M.E. Tudor now lives in south-central Kentucky with her family. M.E. has lived in Florida, Texas, and Colorado. Her stories reflect her love of traveling, hiking, camping, and being outdoors.

"I love creating stories that have happy endings." M. E. Tudor