June 24, 2024

I love reading and writing lesbian fiction.

NaNoWriMo Season Is Here

It’s the second day of November, and I am 3064 words into my new young adult novel with the working title “When We Can Be Us.” I was inspired to write the story when I went to a Fall Festival at a Baptist Church with my youngest granddaughter. I saw this young woman, and my gaydar started pinging. My first thought was I hoped she realized she was in a Baptist church, but then chided myself for being prejudiced toward the Baptists. After all, I was taking advantage of a free event to let my granddaughter play and get Halloween candy. And not all Baptists are anti-queer, just mostly the Southern Baptist Convention churches. But, the story idea came out of that trip for two you lesbians whose families were members of a Baptist church with a congregation that is more torn about LGBTQ issues than they realize.

I’ve recently updated my official blog on Blogger with updates about things going on in my household. Some of you know that my partner and I are raising three of my grandchildren. We’ve had some new people and pet additions to the family, so pop over to my blog if you want to read about that adventure.

I’ve always been into astrology and read my horoscopes daily, so when life took a nose dive at the end of May, I started looking to the stars to see what might be going on and found out that Pluto was in retrograde and changing zodiac signs which was wreaking all kinds of havoc on my life. Thankfully it is no longer in retrograde. Saturn was in retrograde, and it just recently changed zodiac signs that it is traveling in, so that was also affecting things. If you have felt off balance and your life has been weird, check out these two articles, and maybe they can help you understand what’s going on.



Thankfully, all the planets seem to be in a good place for me because I’m actually getting some writing work done. Please keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer things stay this way for me.